Things I Need to Stop Doing As a Teacher

I've been fortunate enough to attend many professional development sessions, seminars, and conferences over the years. While I listened to Dr. Bob Evans I was struck by something that he said. 'All professional development seems to add to your list of things to do'. He was right. I am constantly taking notes over things I … Continue reading Things I Need to Stop Doing As a Teacher


This! Sadly, I had never heard these words until Angie Thomas repeated them at Teen Book Con 2017. I was instantly a fan as her book The Hate U Give served as a mirror I had never seen in books.

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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”

Sydney J. Harris (September 14, 1917 –1986) American journalist.

(Lo scopo della scuola è quello di trasformare gli specchi in finestre)

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