Too Lazy to Shop

I fought just the idea of having my groceries delivered for far too long. So many immediate objections. The idea of having to pay to pay to get groceries is frustrating. The markup on all of the prices. The inability to pick your own produce. Now, I have them delivered at least once a month. Usually on a weekend when I am exhausted from all of the things. It isn’t perfect, but it works.

I save money-Despite all of my perfectly written grocery lists, I still buy things not listed when I find myself in the store. The math has been done. The ‘personal shopper fee’ is less than the amount I’d spend on whatever HEB is offering at the sample kitchen kiosk. In the end, I spend less. When I spend less, I am just a little more happy.

I do better when I buy better– When I don’t go to the store I have to plan my meals. When I plan my meals, I don’t go out to eat as much. When I don’t go out to eat as much, I don’t eat all the bad things. When I don’t eat all of the bad things, I lose weight. That is a completely different post. I digress. I do better when I buy better.

Less stress– The trip to the grocery store (except Whole Foods, Central Market, and Trader Joes these are fun) is stressful for me. The parking lot is stressful. Being around children outside of school is stressful. When they don’t have what I need it is stressful. I eliminate all of those things when I sit in bed and check things off of my list.

I save time– The drive to the store is about 15 minutes. Walking around the store on a GREAT day is a good hour. Then there is the line (insert groan here). Then the trip back hope. Delivery allows me to stay at home and get things done, or sleep in until I get the text that says they are on their way. Either way. It is a time saver. Teacher or not, we are all searching for more time.

There is no way to tell if it will work for you, but if you are on the fence, try it! I swear it is a new way of life. If we all end up like the people on Wall-E, then at least I won’t be alone.

Do you use a delivery service? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!


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