Things I Need to Stop Doing As a Teacher

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend many professional development sessions, seminars, and conferences over the years. While I listened to Dr. Bob Evans I was struck by something that he said. ‘All professional development seems to add to your list of things to do’.

He was right. I am constantly taking notes over things I can add to my teaching toolbox. I NEVER think, “oh, I can toss this or that”. So I am going to begin examining things I have stopped doing maybe without notice, and I am going to be purposefully think about things I need to let go off. This post will occasionally be revised. As with all writing– it is never totally and completely “finished”.

1. Feeling Guilt for ‘the One That Got Away’.

There will always be a student with whom I don’t connect with as much as others. That is LIFE. People in healthy relationships don’t walk around wondering why they don’t “like” someone. They don’t HAVE to like everyone. I won’t “like” every student who shares my learning space. I need to accept that. I will accept that knowing that I will CARE about and respect every student I share a learning space with. I will do my best every day to facilitate the education they deserve. That is ALL I can do. My best. I will no long rehash with the ghost of what could have been blaming myself for everything I could have done. I know that I did the best I could. As I continue to learn, my best will adjust. That has to be enough.


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