Because Key Lime Pie Is NOT an Acceptable Adult Dinner

Just like in the classroom, I am trying to focus on giving praise when praise is due. Friday night I thankfully took the opportunity to fill my cup with my dear friend Lady. I had two goals– key lime pie, and dinner because I wouldn’t allow my adulting self to have key lime pie for dinner.

We ended up at True Food Kitchen. The night started off a little bumpy, as the service at the bar was lacking. However, because my friend Lady is AWESOME, when finally seated, we were seated in Joseph’s section. Joseph was training Jeremy, and they did their best to take care of us.

Do you ever have people you just click with? That was Joseph. I have a feeling we could be friends. It is quite possible that he says this to every awesome person to sit in his section, but he gifted us free dessert, because we ‘changed the vibe of his night to something better’. Same here Joseph, same here.

The food was amazing. I went there searching for a good drink and their fish tacos. The Yuzu martini was everything that I could have asked for. The Pomegranate margarita was not. With both fish tacos and steak tacos on the menu, I struggled. Jeremy offered to do both. Win-win! It was ahhmazing Except for these odd dried corn pieces. I don’t know who thought that dried corn was a great idea to compliment such a fresh plate. Just, no. Joseph offered to remove them from my plate. Then things were as they were meant to be.

Have you seen Ratatouille? There is a scene where Remy sees the colors of the food he is eating. That is what happens when I gladly consume tacos at True Food Kitchen. It is like all of these flavors come together for this amazing orchestra in my mind.

At the beginning of my Friday evening I thought about just staying in. I am happy that I ended up going out. Sometimes we need to make the effort to go out and enjoy. I will be making the effort more often on this journey to finding balance.


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