The Final Table

While on break I discovered The Final Table on Netflix. Episode 7 featured Italian chef Carlo Gracco as a judge. I love watching people do things they love. The passion for their craft inspires me.

the final table

Gracco walked around speaking to the competing chefs, and his questions made me think about my craft as an ELA teacher. “Why are you using lemon?” Gracco asked one of the chefs. I was proud of their responses. Not because it was “right” or “wrong”– what do I know? I LOVED that everything was done with purpose.

I NEED all of my writers to do this! They aren’t experts yet, but I want them to think about the decisions they make as writers.  It isn’t that they get it “right” or “wrong”. It is simply that when I ask them why they chose to use a certain word, they can tell me. They can tell me that they had multiple titles in the works, but they chose this one because….  Maybe they tell me that the title was catchy. Maybe they tell me that the title ‘just felt right’. I am okay as long as they have thought about something, and the response isn’t “I dunno.”

The forever teacher goal. I know what I need them to do. I see it in real life. How do I get them to do it?


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