Why This?

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I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, because it feels like this path I’ve chosen has given me so much. There is such a sense of immense pleasure and privilege being a teacher.

I am allowed to build amazing relationships with students. Guiding them through the lighter things– should I invite so-and-so to my birthday party; to some of the heavier things– should I allow my absent father back into my life. We care about our students sometimes much more than they care for themselves, and sometimes, sadly, more than their families care for them. We do this because we LOVE it. We do it because sometimes we don’t know how to stop. I am teacher. That sentence is so tied to our identity sometimes that many of us struggle to find balance.

I am opening myself up and sharing my journey in seeking balance in all areas of life. It won’t be easy. It hasn’t been for all of those who have come before me, but I know it is possible.


Thanks for joining me!

-Shanna out



One thought on “Why This?

  1. Oh.My.Goodness!!! This is wonderful! You captured exactly what I feel in some situations with writing. I am inspired to sit in the parallel writing experiences to better understand students – because of you and this blog! Thank you for your vulnerability!!

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